Brave New Worlds

Bob’s expression changed from perturbed to puzzled after fourteen words. His deciphering speed had doubled by twenty-five words in, and the remainder of the message had been inferred shortly after, although his hand had only been able to print halfway through the thirty-fifth word. Bob dropped the slide rule, ripped the page from the pad, and crumpled it in his hand. Decoding complete, now it was time to consider the deeper meaning. Bob held the paper ball in his fist and stared at Agent Fallon’s shoes.

“You OK?,” the FBI agent asked.

Bob finished processing approximately 2.51 seconds later. Fishing the Ronson out of his pants pocket, Bob ignited his handiwork and dropped it in the trash can. He did the same with the envelope and the enciphered note on his desk. The smoke wafted into the ribs of the arched hanger.

“I’ll have to pack”.

Brave New Worlds

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